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Pointers are thought to originate in Spain, from whence they were exported to England, and now world wide. In South Africa, the German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) became popular for its hunting abilities.


 German Short-Haired Pointer (GSP) Breeders in South Africa.


Ingrid Schneyder, mobile/cell:   082 218 9906  email:   ingrid@montessa-gundogs.co.za    Webpage:    Montessa

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Pointers are thought to originate in Spain, from where they were exported to England. English breeders crossed them with a variety of other breeds e.g. greyhound, foxhound, and setter. This crossbreeding improved the hunting and  scenting abilities of the Pointer. Today Pointers make excellent hunters of game birds. Many birds nest or feed on the ground and have camouflage which is difficult to spot. The Pointer is able to find them and stands stock still, his short tail standing in line with his body, and "points" to the birds with his eyes. He can be trained not to kill the birds. The hunter shoots them and the Pointer retrieves them.


German shorthaired pointer with mottled markings


Above, GSP belonging to

 I. Shneyder

About German shorthaired pointers


German shorthaired pointers are a product of various crosses between the old Spanish Pointer, the German Bloodhound and English and Black Pointers.  From the 17th Century, German breeders strove to produce a dog with greater speed, more physical attractiveness, nose improvement and a long attention-span. The resulting German Short-haired Pointer today is a keen, energetic worker.  The tail is docked at one-third it's length. This creates a trim appearance, prevents injury in getting in or out of vehicles and prevents the bloody sores a dog of active tail motion can attract. The Short-haired Pointer enjoys a day at the lake, helping to retrieve water fowl.
  Puppies are easy to house-train.  As a family pet, the short-haired Pointer is good natured and intelligent.  He is usually devoted to children and has great patience for their pranks.  To visitors, the short-hair displays a reserved friendliness.  Many an unwanted night intruder has found himself faced with a strong and agile foe in the Shorthair.  But above all, the shorthair is a sporting dog.  It is bred to be energetic and will do better in an environment which has an outlet for this activity.

Colour: brown and white, black and white, or solid brown or black. Mottled spots are common.

Height at shoulder: dogs 58 - 64 cms, bitches 53 - 59 cms.


Pointer puppy with liver colouring

Above: Gretchen belongs to H. Tade  He is surprised at how astute this dog is, and how little training she required. At 12 weeks she was hunting and retrieving birds with him.

pointer in the showring

Above: Velda of Gundalf in the show ring. A German short haired pointer with owner L. Bosch, South Africa  


German Wire-haired Pointers   have long, rough coats, shaggy eye-brows and beards. 

English Pointer.  The "Pointer" is sometimes referred to as "English Pointer" to differentiate him from the German Pointer. His correct name is "Pointer." He is bigger than the German Pointer. Height dogs 63 - 69 cms at shoulder, bitches 61 - 66 cms. The most common colour is lemon and white, but any colour is acceptable. They are large dogs and need lots of space for exercise. 

English pointer clipart

Brittany gun dogs used to be called Brittany spaniels.  They enjoy hunting for, pointing at, and retrieving game.

Brittany is a province of north west France.

The Brittany dog has a short, wavy coat which is easy to keep. They make happy, energetic companions who love to go out for walks in the wilds. 

They come in a variety of colours.

Height: dogs 48 - 50 cm at shoulder

Bitches: 47 - 49 cm.

Class: gun dog

A brittany puppy

A Brittany puppy


Brittany pointer with owner


Ch Dodd’s Luke of Reve Du Chasseur (liver and white)

The French name "reve du chasseur" means "hunter's dream."


Brittany pointer likes water feature in garden

Dodd’s Jack of Reve Du Chasseur ( Orange and white)

This Brittany belongs to R. Dodds of South Africa


The early development of breeds of dogs.


A similar hunting dog is the Hungarian Vizla.


As the pointer "points" people towards what they are hunting for, let's use our work and conversation to "point" people to Jesus! People are hunting for something!

A quote from the Bible: "Let us fix our eyes on Jesus!" Hebrews chapter 12 verse 2


pointer on hind legs gazing at ostrich

Xena has taken the concept of "pointing" to a whole new level!

story about a pointer      wire haired pointer

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