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 Breeders of Pomeranians

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Contact: Charlene Booysen 

email   pomelenepoms@gmail.com

phone (012) 3721 437 (local) 

+27 12 3721 437 (international)

cell 082 785 0894, 

+27 82 785 0894 (international)


A show dog with a rosette

Registered with The Kennel Union of Southern Africa


Tiny fluffy pomeranian

Toypom in the garden

A white puppy


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Pedigreed & proud of it!


Puppies sometimes available. Please contact in advance to avoid disappointment!



Thank you for your interest in Pomelene Pomeranians.  We are situated on the west side of Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa, about 10 kms outside the city. We have been breeding Poms for many years. Our goal is to breed Pomeranians of excellent quality, type and temperament.

I've Imported 6 stunning dogs from well known Breeder, Sharon Hanson from Jan-Shars Pomeranians in the USA during 2007. I only start to show their offspring during 2008. In 2014, I've Imported 2 white Taiwanese males from Chiao Li Ya kennels and started to show their offspring in 2015. I am very happy, proud and blessed to announce that Pomelene Pomeranians bred 17 Champions up to date. We had been awarded Best in Show, Best Puppy in Show, Best Junior in Show and Best Baby Puppy in Show, numerous times.

Underneath, you will find one of the ads that were placed in Showdogs. Thank you to all the local and overseas judges that recognised the quality of my dogs over the past few years.

One of our white males in the show ring

One of my white males - MBBPIS, MBPIS, MBRPIS, Pomelene Persian Dollar.

We breed mainly for the showring, but sometimes have an occasional pup or 2 available to the public.
Our Pomeranians are bred for good health and happy minds as well as beauty. We have a wide variety of beautiful colours to choose from.  Coat colours available are Orange, Orange Sable, Cream, Cream Sable, White, Black and occasionally Wolf Sable.  


Pomeranians are beautiful and intelligent little bundles of joy. They love to please and are excellent house dogs. Their acute hearing and alertness make them good watch dogs as well. Poms are very smart dogs and can be taught easily. They are suitable for young and old.

It is easy to care for a Pomeranian.  Brushing every few days is much more important than bathing. When fed a good quality food, they rarely shed coat, especially the males (females do shed after whelping!) Pomeranians eat very little, so it is not expensive to feed the best food that you can afford. They make wonderful companions, but please ensure that small children are supervised so that the puppy is not dropped or hurt.  Because the Pomeranian is a small dog and could accidentally be injured, they are not generally recommended as a pet if you have very small children. Injuries can occur from falls, jumping off furniture, being stepped on, etc.  If well cared for, they can live up to 18 years!.

Tiny dogs like the Pomeranians often do not have the fat reserves to supply adequate glucose in times of stress or when they eat irregularly. The occurrence of this is known as hypoglycemia, when their blood sugar level drops dangerously low, which is very common in the small toy breeds. Many puppies simply play too hard or stress their system and forget to eat! It is therefore essential that your puppy has to eat frequently during the day in its first few months. Hypoglycemia is easily treatable in the early stages, but fatal if allowed to progress.

Around 10-12 weeks old, Pomeranians begin a stage called “puppy uglies”.  The puppy will start to grow an adult coat at about 4-6 months. The inner coat will grow first and then the coarse guard hairs will follow as he/she matures at 8-12 months. To keep their thick coat free of mats, Pomeranians require regular brushing.

Pomeranians have enormous charm, a tremendous personality and an overwhelming affection, love and understanding for their owner. If you once owned a Pomeranian, you will never again want to be without one!

 Our registration policy:

* All puppies are vaccinated at 4 and 7 weeks and dewormed at 2, 4 and 7 weeks of age.
* Pups are microchipped at 8 weeks and KUSA registered with Breeders' Restrictions, unless otherwise stated.
* A placement contract with lots of tips, health and feeding guidelines, will be given to the new owners, as well as food for about 2 weeks.
* The new owners of registered pups will receive the KUSA registration papers.
* A non-refundable deposit will be required to secure your booking. If Pomelene Pomeranians cannot fulfil the agreement, the deposit will be refunded.

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