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Dogs - Pug

Pugs are thought to originate in China. Traders brought these unusual dogs to Holland and the Dutch East India Company took some to England in the 19th Century. Pugs were favoured by the royal families of Britain and Europe.

The pug has a short, squashed, wrinkled face with big eyes. They have a tightly curled tail. The coat is short and smooth.

A fawn pug puppy

Fawn pug puppy

Pug Breeder

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Fawn pug puppy with black face


Pugs are small dogs which make good family pets, needing little exercise, though all dogs enjoy going for walks! They love to play with kids, but pug puppies are vulnerable and children should be supervised.

Black, female pug with curled up tail

Note the tightly curled tail

Weight: 6.3 to 8.1 kg

Pugs come in a variety of colours: black, silver, or fawn. The muzzle and around the eyes is black.

Group: Toy

A serious expression on the face of this pug


Kids should be taught never to run if a dog threatens them. Dogs chase anything that runs. The child should stand his ground and show no fear. When Nehemiah's life was threatened, he said to his enemy, "Should such a man as I flee?"

Acting confident gets us out of difficult situations.           Nehemiah 6, 11


In South Africa, the dogs are sometimes called, "Mopshond"

How the different breeds of dogs originated.

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