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Russian Black Terriers (RBT)


Russian Black Terriers are also called black terriers or tchiorny terriers, and were previously known as Black Russian Terriers. A fierce-looking black terrier in the yard has a deterring effect on burglars!

KUSA Registered Black Russian Terrier Breeder

Connie and the black russian terrier family

Connie Bothma, WhatsApp 082 443 3067    email:  hertzogbothma@webmail.co.za.  Website:  www.herconpuppies.co.za   

Black terriers were bred in Russia for use in the Russian army. They need to be worked with, and trained. Puppies should be taken to a puppy socialization class.

A large yard and lots of exercise is needed for this large breed. The weight of large breeds can put stress on the dog's  limbs, so ask the breeder if the parents have been tested for hip dysplasia.

Coat: rough & thick. The coat kept the dog warm in the cold Russian winters.

Class: Working

Height at shoulder: 64 - 72 cms

Weight: 36 - 63 kgs

Colour: black, but grey hairs are allowed

Mum, dad, and puppies

  Guarding their puppies, are Chrisri Yuri Lyov, and Burgloisenthal Tosca belong to S. Smit


Massive black Russian terrier dog running through garden

Russian Black terrier of A. Hurter, South Africa


We need not fear a Russian black terrier if he has been lovingly disciplined since he was a puppy. "For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness; but of power and love and discipline," as the Bible says in 2 Timothy chapter 1, verse 7

Puppy being trained for dog shows

A puppy learning how to stand for the show ring

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