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Senen Kennels

Breeders of Yorkshire Terriers



Janie Coetzee
Cell No: +27824558041
E-mail: bcconstruction@absamail.co.za

The breeder holding a little Yorkie

Yorkshire terrier puppies bred by a knowledgeable, responsible, caring, KUSA registered breeder with many years experience with the Yorkie breed.

Pups are bred to perfection aiming to improve the breed standard, but most of all  to breed a well-adjusted, healthy, happy pup - the ultimate companion. My pups are well-socialized and raised in a warm, loving, homely environment. They guarantee loads of love, affection, joy, entertainment, and loyalty.

The Coetzee Yorkie Family on the sofa


Pups are only available to responsible, loving, pet owners who will return all the favours their Yorkie bestows on them, especially love and affection.

All pups are inoculated, de-wormed, vet inspected, microchipped, and KUSA registered.

Once a Yorkie has owned you, you will never choose to be without one! Are you worthy of these wonderful little creatures? If you are, contact me!

 Tiny baby Yorkie puppies in wine glasses

Tiny Yorkie puppy


The kennel name, "Senen" is registered with KUSA. Puppies are registered with KUSA breeding restrictions.

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