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Breeders of White Miniature Schnauzers



Breeder: Hanti Smith
Mobile No: 082 337 2571
Email: info@sherdenich.co.za


Hanti holding a white miniature schnauzer

Above - This white Miniature Schnauzer's registered name is Triana Del Badulake of Sherdenich (IMP Spain)


We are breeders of WHITE Miniature Schnauzers in Eastern Cape, South-Africa.

I am passionate about the Schnauzer breed, in particular with the White Miniature Schnauzer. The white is not at all common in South-Africa. And for this reason there are many people, other breeders included, that have the wrong perception about this beautiful ice-white double coat miniature schnauzer.

The White Miniature Schnauzer has similar characteristics and health risks as the Salt & Pepper, Solid Black, and Black & Silver Miniature Schnauzers. Their double coat also has minimal shedding and is also non-allergic, which is such an important attribute.

These Whites are NOT Albino’s as believed by some people. They consist of black pigmentation and therefor have dark eyes, brown or black nose, and black paw pads. Some of them also have black nails. They have the same genetics that make a White Poodle. If anyone needs more indepth information about the origin of the White Miniature Schnauzer, they can contact me directly.


White miniature schnauzer wearing a bandana

Triana Del Badulake of Sherdenich (IMP SPAIN)

They are very easy to train. They love to play, and need space where they can burn energy. Very alert and will protect their family with their whole heart.
I work very closely with all my schnauzers on a daily basis. They are all seen as pets in my house and not as “breeding projects”. All of them receive much love and respect. Only the best groomers that understand the breed standard as set out by KUSA, groom puppies and the adults. I have selected the BEST Veterinary practises for their needs, where they receive only the best treatment.

Female white miniature schnauzer puppy  Male white miniature schnauzer puppy


1. Sherdenich is a KUSA registered breeding Affix

2. Puppy Sales Contract to be signed by both Breeder and Buyer

3. Breeding restriction apply, unless otherwise agreed in writing

4. All puppies are sold with a LIFETIME money back GUARANTEE

5. Puppies need to be Pre-Booked as they are not freely available – APPROVED homes only

6. National and Inter-National travel can be arranged at the buyer's expense


1. Breedings are planned to match superior female and male dogs to give birth to healthy puppies

2. Betterment of the breed is my priority

3. Also breed towards good temperament as this produces confident, strong and stable dogs

4. All adult dogs are DNA profile certified by Inqaba Biotechnical Industries

5. Micro-chip implant done on 6 weeks

6. Health Certificate issued

7. VET book that will reflect all puppy vaccines and deworming

8. Birth Certificate = KUSA registration.



1. "I was fortunate to acquire the first Miniature White Schnauzer sold by your Sherdenich kennel, he is Fritz von Sherdenich. The most unbelievable dog, 200% commitment, energy, intelligence and totally lovable. When receiving him he was well adjusted and trained quickly, a reflection of the environment he was raised in with care and love. He is truly a larger than life dog, thank you for entrusting me with such a magnificent white Schnauzer."

Dr. Anton Smit

Veterinary Surgeon

The Smit famiy with their new dog

Fritz Von Sherdenich with Dr Anton Smit and his family


2. "I had been in contact with several breeders, but Hanti from Sherdenich Kennels was the only one that made me feel like I would be adopting a pet rather than making a purchase. She was genuinely concerned about finding a suitable home for Dominich and I found her to be kind, accommodating, helpful, soft spoken, detailed and 100% honest.     
   I am a first-time pet parent and Hanti still patiently supports, guides and checks in on us. I will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a White Miniature Schnauzer. My little prince definitely does the breed justice!"
Erika Theron


  Domenich Von Sherdenich and Erika Theron


3. "What a blessing to our family Heinrich is! Since the first day we got him it has been a journey. He is a wonderful boy that would do his best to please you . He loves to run and play ball. He also loves dancing on his back feet to get his mommies attention. One of his favourites is to hop in the car with mommy to pick up the kids. He loves playing with his 2 legged brother and sister. What an incredible and amazing boy."

Chanelle Donray Painter


Heinrich Von Sherdenich with Chanelle Donray Painter



4. "Imrich is adapting very well. His well socialised character testifies of the time that you are spending with them. Imrich is an outstanding, quality, miniature Schnauzer, like all the miniature schnauzers you are breeding. Thanks for your love and caring for our breed. Your support since I started enquiring about the puppy was incredible. You are always willing to help. Your after service is excellent.
Looking forward to buying from you again..."

Nita Meintjes

Nita and her new puppy

Nita Meintjes and Imrich Von Sherdenich


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