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Shirenza Kennel

Breeder of Labrador Retrievers


Lillian Breedt

Call / WhatsApp 0836562056

email shirenzalabrador@gmail.com



I fell in love with my first Labrador when I was 13 years old. I've been breeding yellow and black Labrador retrievers now for the last 10 years. My dogs get to have the freedom on the farm, retrieving and just being man's best friend.

The breeder sitting with a puppy


Lillian playing with Labrador puppies

My main reason for breeding is not only for the appreciation of having purebred labs and breeding good temperaments, but also to comply to the breed standard of Labrador Retrievers.  

Our Labradors splashing in the pool

Labradors are water retrievers at heart and from early on, puppies show a strong desire to carry things around with them and a strong attraction to water, even puddles!

Labradors excel as service and guide dogs, family pets, scenting dogs for the military, customs, arson task force dogs, search and rescue dogs, hunting companions, and performance dogs.

Despite their fame as indoor pets, they are even more at home outdoors.

9 Labrador puppies sitting for a photo shoot

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