A Strange SMS Message!

By Lorraine Watson 

I just want to give God all the glory for the miracle that he performed in my dog, Scotty's life.

I could see that Scotty was not looking too good and was complaining about stomach cramps.  He was also running a fever, so off to the vet he went.

At first they thought it was a stomach bug and we treated him with antibiotics, but still the high fever and stomach cramps continued.  They then decided to take blood samples to check the enzyme levels, because there was something that was causing the high temperature.  When the result came back the vet was extremely concerned and considered putting Scotty under anaesthetic in order to take X-rays to determine whether there was a tumour that could perhaps be causing the discomfort.

When he did the X-ray, he discovered that there was definitely an obstruction and decided to operate on Scotty the next day to see whether the obstruction could be removed.  By this time I was besides myself as I love Scotty so much and couldn't bear the thought of all this pain and discomfort that he would have to endure.

Anyway, the next day I took Scotty for his operation (I took a few days leave) and was only able to collect him later.  In the meantime I sms'd everyone that I knew that could pray for Scotty.  I am sure some people thought, "It's only a dog", but Scott is not - he is a dog given to me by God (that's another story on it's own).  I got real angry with Satan and rebuked him in the name of Jesus.  I stood on God's promises.  The more I prayed, the more Satan tried to tell me that God was not going to come through for me.

At 1:30pm I got a call from the Vet asking me to come and see him.  My heart sank and I thought the worst.  On my arrival there he explained the whole procedure to me (the operation took 1 1/2hrs).  On opening up Scotty they discovered that his kidneys were 60% more swollen then what they should be and very pale.  He also showed me what they had removed from Scott's stomach - plastic "doggy" toys!  which he was not able to digest.  Food got caught in between the teeth of the toys and started to ferment, releasing dangerous toxins into his systems.  This explains the swollen and pale kidneys.  He said that I could take Scotty home, but he didn't hold any hope for the kidneys recovering.  In actual fact he said that we would be very lucky if he pulled through the night.  Of course, I knew different because I didn't believe for one minute that God would give me something just to allow Satan to take it away.  I took Scotty home.

We spent hours laying hands on the dog, praying for Scotty, and rebuking Satan. At three o'clock the next morning Scotty took his first sip of water.  At six o'clock he had his first bit of food and was walking around.  He even let out a bark or two. This was only 16 hours after his major operation.  When I took him to the vet at nine o'clock, he could not believe what he was seeing.  He was expecting to put Scott onto a drip because of dehydration due to failure of the kidneys.  Scott received his antibiotics and I took him home again.  Each day he just got better and better.  I gave thanks to the Lord for his goodness and mercy.  I laughed in Satan's face and reminded him that he was under our feet.

Scotty is a happy healthy doggie now!  Never under-estimate the power of our Almighty God.  Believe in his promises and have faith in him.  He will answer those who ask in His name.

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