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Standard Schnauzer


The standard schnauzer was the original schnauzer from which the mini & giant were developed. They originated in Germany. By picking the smallest, or biggest puppies from litters, breeders started producing different sizes of schnauzer - miniatures and giants, while the standard remains the original breed.

Class: working group

Height at shoulder: males 48 cms, females 46 cms. 


Nordic Serenade, a standard schnauzer, was imported to South Africa from Finland. Owned & shown by Maj-lis Zopes.

Standard schnauzer puppies in a whelping box

standard schnauzer puppies 


In order to judge whether a dog is typical of a breed, there has to be a breed "standard" against which to measure dogs. Dogs with long bushy tails would not qualify as schnauzers. We would say, "They are not up to standard." Breeders have written 3 distinct standards for schnauzers: mini, standard, and giant. People have standards too. Let's keep our own standards high and set a good example of integrity and excellence! "Lift up a standard for the people!" Isaiah 62, 10

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