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 Starwellco Kennel

Breeder of Miniature Schnauzers

Maryna in the garden with the dogs

Contact Maryna Griessel

0795015597 / 0833594823 / 0834500530

Email: maryna@starwellco.co.za


It all began with two adorable house pets and then the love expanded into a family of loving Schnauzers. Our “dog family” is our pride and we love them dearly.

Miniature schnauzers are beautiful, well-balanced and extremely intelligent dogs. They run freely outdoors to enjoy a farm-style atmosphere and so doing, keep up with exercise to maintain good health. In the evenings they enjoy sleeping in a warm and comfortable environment. Our Schnauzers have spunky temperaments and they are loyal, loving, gentle, playful and very alert. They have the heart of a lion and sometimes think they are the size of a lion too!
They interact very well with children of all ages. All our dogs are fed with the best veterinarian nutrition to maintain good health.

This dog has a flowing beard!


Just before the moms give birth to their babies, they are moved to a safe environment where it is quiet and where they will not be disturbed or distracted. When the babies are born, calm classic music / sounds are played 24/7 (sounds of the sea, rivers, rain, etc.) Besides keeping them calm, this also helps the babies get used to the sounds of nature and do not panic for example when they hear rain or thunder for the first time. Puppies are handled gently and stimulated age appropriately to encourage mental development and social affiliation
Our puppies differ in colour from Solid Black, Salt & Pepper, to Black & Silver.

Black and silver miniature schnauzer

schnauzer breeder getting a kiss from a puppy

A microchip is implanted in every puppy before it leaves our home. Dewormed, Vaccinated. Our puppies are registered with KUSA. There are breeding restrictions. The buyer will get a registration certificate.

A laughing miniature schnauzer puppy

A happy puppy from a previous litter

We can’t wait to make you part of our Starwellco family!

Trying to keep the dogs still for a photo-shoot!

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