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Irish Wolfhound


The Irish Wolfhound takes its name from Ireland, an island off the west coast of Britain. Ireland, or Erin, is called, "The Emerald Isle," because the high rainfall makes beautiful green grass. The rugged wolfhound's rough coat had to protect him from rain and snow. 

Irish wolfhound puppy face

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A hound is a dog that is used for hunting. A wolfhound is a "sight" hound. Being high on the leg, he can see farther than small dogs. He may stare his prey out till it starts running then give chase. Or other dogs may come to see what he is staring at, and join the hunt. They lived in the ancient Celtic castles of the Irish kings and were used to hunt wolves. This long-legged dog could run fast in pursuit of it's prey and the powerful body quickly brought wolves down. They were also capable of hunting large deer.

How breeds of dogs originated

About wolfhounds

The Irish Wolfhound is a large, fearsome-looking dog yet he has a gentle nature and loves kids. Some folk call them, "gentle giants." They are big babies! They like a lot of attention.  You can't just throw them in your back yard and remember them only at feeding time.  They will protect their owners before they protect your possessions.  They are fine with children. 

Because of their size, Irish Wolfhounds are not suitable for a small home and garden. The long tail may sweep the coffee cups off the table!

Time must be spent on training while the dog is young. The rough, harsh coat benefits from regular brushing.

The dogs today are unlikely to see a wolf to chase, so be prepared to take him for walks so he get exercise and mental stimulation. He must not get too heavy because it puts strain on the legs. A lean look is preferred.

Height at shoulder: Not less than 82 cm. A large breed.

Irish Wolfhounds can be any colour, but grey is common.

Class: sight hound

The Irish Wolfhound competes with the Great Dane for the title of the tallest dog in the world! The Great Dane Breed Standard: "Male Danes must be at least 76 cms at the shoulder, bitches 71 cms." So officially the Irish Wolfhound is the tallest.

Champion Irish wolfhounds, at Grahamstown dog show, South Africa


Irish wolf hound face. Brown eyes keenly facing camera

Above: CH. Mikani Arno of Zemindar (Riley)

Light grey Irish wolf-hound

CH. Shimna Kerry of Zemindar (Kerry)

Irish wolfhound side view. His height is to his owner's waist.

Zemindar Derry, aka Katy


Grey puppy sleeping with his toy

Irish wolfhound puppy at 10 wksI

A puppy being held

Irish wolfhound puppies


A poem from "The Complete Irish Wolfhound"

 by Alma J. Starbuck


Huge hound, great hound,

Gray hound and gaunt,

Royally imperial, you tower above taunt.

Comrade of Chieftain, grim dog of war,

Your fame has been heralded and hailed from afar.

From Rome of the Caesars, from Spain's classic bard,

You've won kingly praises and knightly award.

The elk of old Erin you brought to his knees,

At the roar of your challenge the timber wolf flees.

Yet, noble descendant of fierce fighting sire,

You are playing tonight with my child by the fire.   

Wolves have now been exterminated from Ireland but they once roamed free, in packs, killing sheep and other farm livestock. The Irish wolfhound needed to be alert to ward off this dangerous threat. Today we are in danger from wolves of another kind! We are surrounded by con artists, scammers, thieves and hijackers. Outwardly they look innocent, but, as the Bible say, "inwardly they are like ravenous wolves." 

Matthew chapter 7, verse 15


Mum, Dad, & a puppy. A blonde, and a grey wolfhound

The female is blonde. The male is dark grey.

Irish wolfhounds look a bit like Scottish Deerhounds, and the two breeds may share a common ancestry. Scotland and Ireland are separated by a narrow sea and the dogs may have travelled by ship with their owner from one country to another, and may have mated with local dogs.

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