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 Cat Breeders in South Africa



Looking for a kitten?

To find a kitten, or a cat breeder, and anything you want to know about cats, contact SACC = South African Cat Council. (The biggest cat organisation in Africa) http://www.tsacc.org.za/

Further information can be had from the Cat Federation.

Cat Stuff - What the abbreviations mean

BB, BC, or BS in breeds like laperm, = coat type at birth: Born Bald, Born Curly, or Born Straight

BRS = Breeders of Rex & Sphynx

CASA = Cat Association of South Africa   

CC = Challenge certificate

CFA = Cat Fanciers Association of America. Oldest cat registry.

CFC or CFCSA = Cat Fanciers Club of South Africa

CFSA = Cat Federation of South Africa

CH = Champion

EPCC = Eastern Province Cat Club

GCC = Grand Challenge Certificate, or GPC in case of a neuter.

GCCF = Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (UK)

NQ = National Qualifier

NW = National Winner (Best cat in the country)

PR = Premier

RCC = Rand Cat Club

RQ = Regional Qualifier

RW = Regional Winner (Best cat in the province)

SACC = South African Cat Council. (The biggest cat organisation in Africa)

Sp = Supreme  

TCS = Transvaal Cat Society

TICA = The International Cat Association (world wide)

WCF = World Cat Federation (largest cat registering body world wide, also in South Africa)

Some breeders put breeding restrictions on their kittens, or have them neutered, so do ask about this if you want to buy a kitten for breeding.

Why are pedigreed cats so expensive?

First of all, the breeder has to buy expensive breeding stock. Then a cattery has to be built so that the cats are safe from stray tomcats when on heat. Good quality food is needed to ensure optimum health. There's inoculations, deworming, and vets bills. If a breeder has a litter, it's a bonus! "The fruit of the womb is God's reward." Psalm 127 verse 3

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