Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 


Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are toy dogs, named after King Charles 2nd of England who liked this breed. The word "cavalier" possibly meant "horseman," as in the word "cavalry." King Charles 1st was followed by his cavaliers in the civil war. Horses were used for transport in those days. (No cars!)

Cavalier King Charles Breeders

Ironel Lötter  0845168317,  email    More about us and our dogs on our webpage: Avantgarde 

 Karien Booysen 082 493 7020  More photos on our webpage: Careliah.   

Two tiny King Charles spaniel puppies

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About Cavaliers

Cavaliers ("Cavies") have long hair, long ears, and short noses. The tail carries a plume of long hair. The long coat needs regular brushing. The dogs come in a variety of colours.The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel makes a good, playful, loving pet and a good lap dog.

It may look like a baby that needs carried around all the time, but remember it's a DOG! Dogs have survived for thousands of years without man's help.

Regular exercise helps to keep the muscles strong, and being taken out for walks (once inoculations are up-to-date) is good mental stimulation. When buying a puppy, ask to see the vet's card which shows which inoculations the puppy has had. If the puppy has been seen by a vet, that's a good indication that it's healthy. You can keep your dog healthy by feeding a quality dog food (your vet can advise) and avoiding table scraps which can make a dog fat.

Keeping up with the inoculation program, and regular deworming will prevent many illnesses.

Weight: 5.5 - 8kgs.

Class: toy

Average life-span: 9 - 14 years.

Dogs love to be on the couch

Colour: Blenheim


A cavalier spaniel has long hair.

Colour: Tricolour (Black, white, and tan)


king charles spaniel pulling cart

Cavie pulling a cart at a dog show. Photo by Paul Greenway


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel looking haughty

Muffin, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, belongs to Mrs Waugh, South Africa 

A Blenheim, and a tricoloured cavalier king charles playing


King Charles of England was an imposing sight as he rode around with his cavalcade. But now he is forgotten. Kings & presidents come & go; but God goes on forever. God is not impressed with the size of the cavalry or the army, but he delights in those who fear him. It is He who protects our borders. Psalm 147, verse 10 - 13



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