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Dogs - Spaniels


Spaniels were bred to assist with hunting. Their job was to flush out game so that the hunter could shoot it. 

Types of spaniels

The dog breeds we know today have a long history of development! Read more about dogs and how breeds developed.

The cocker spaniel had to root out woodcock (a bird). The springer spaniel had to make game spring from their hiding places. Spaniels enjoy splashing through the reeds, hunting for waterfowl, and can be trained to retrieve it.

A recent addition to the Spaniel family is the American cocker Spaniel. This long haired dog is more popular as a pet than a hunting dog. 

The clumber spaniel is thought to have originated in France from whence it was exported during the French Revolution. They were sent to England, to the Duke of Newcastle's Clumber Park estate. Hence the name. This is the biggest and heaviest of the spaniel group. Clumbers are white with lemon markings. These dogs make excellent, docile pets. 

Cavalier King Charles spaniels are small dogs - easily carried around. A good pet for a small property.

Spaniels are medium sized dogs. Their sad eyes make them appealing pets. They need constant grooming or the hair will mat. The ears droop into the food and water dishes, so look for a narrow deep bowl so that the ears flop to the side of it. Ears can be washed by dipping them in a jug of warm water, rubbing with soap, then rinsing well. They can drip dry or can be towel dried.

Spaniels come in a variety of colours.

Height: dogs 48 - 50 cm at shoulder

Bitches: 47 - 49 cm.

Class: gun dog


Springer spaniel relaxing

Penny, an English Springer spaniel, belongs to C. Surgeoner



American cocker spaniel with long flowing hair

Jagger, an American cocker spaniel, belongs to L.  Sparg. Jagger's coat needs a minimum 3 hrs grooming per week to keep him looking good! Because of the long coat, these dogs are not used for hunting.


Is it OK for hunters to use dogs for hunting? Some say it is OK if one eats the birds that the dog finds. Man has used dogs for hunting for thousands of years. Is it God's will?  When God made the earth, he said "Subdue the earth and have dominion over the fish, fowls, and every living thing." Genesis chapter 1 verse 28

What do you think about it?


Spaniel puppies should be brushed daily so that they will get used to being groomed. Don't let the puppy chew up the brush! Everything is a toy to a puppy.


Brittany spaniels are now called Brittany pointers. They enjoy hunting for, pointing at, and retrieving game. 

   cocker spaniel    

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel    

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