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 Cats - Cornish rex


Cornish means, "from Cornwall," a county (province) on the south coast of England. In 1950, a tortoiseshell cat gave birth to 5 kittens, one of which was curly. He was named Kalli. Kalli was mated back to his mother, which produced 2 more curly male kittens. By mating with domestic cats, a breed was formed - the Cornish Rex. 6 years later, Kallie & his mother were put to sleep because of the cost of keeping an ever-increasing family of cats. All of the Cornish rex originate from one male. And to think that they are a rogue gene in a domestic cat, that a cat-owner decided to encourage by selective breeding!


The coat is short, soft & wavy, ideally forming "washboard" or "Marcel" waves. Although dead hairs fall off any animal or human, the shedding is not as noticeable as some animals.

The Cornish rex has a small, egg-shaped head, with big, erect ears. The cheekbones are high, with hollow cheeks & narrow chin. The cats have Roman noses. Whiskers & eyebrows are curly.

The tail is long with short hair.

They have arched backs, barrel chests, & long legs like a whippet dog.

The Cornish Rex comes in all recognised cat colours.

These cats are agile & like to be active.

Cornish rex's are affectionate & love to play with people or toys. These cats make good family pets. 

Young cat with fluffy short coat

Bast Dodo's Isis

Blue tortoiseshell


Male cat with long legs & long, thin tail. Hair curly on back

CFSA Triple Supreme Champion
SACC Grand Champion
Windseeker Zed Upwind
import Finland

Chocolate and White Bi colour

Photos courtesy Mistbesque


One meaning of the word "Rex" is "King". (Latin) The cats do look kingly when they are sitting still, holding their regal heads high. But most of the time they are careening around like kittens! There is only one king who is kingly at all times - "God the Ruler, the King of kings, who alone is immortal and who lives in unapproachable light. To Him be honour for ever!" 1st Timothy chapter 6 verse 15 

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