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 French bulldog

French bulldog show dog

French Bulldogs are thought to be descendants of the British Bulldog. The British (or English) Bulldog is bigger and stronger. Some breeders wanted to create toy, or miniature bulldogs by mating the smallest dogs of each litter. Some of the smaller bulldogs were taken to France by British emigrants. The French bulldog is smaller than its English counterpart, and has erect, bat-like ears. He has a large, square head.

French Bulldog Breeders

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Sturdy French bulldog at the beach


Melisa Krebs, 074 572 3943, email julian.laventhal14@gmail.com, Webpage: Krebs  

Ironel Lotter  0845168317 ironel@vodamail.co.za, Webpage:  Avantgarde

Jeandr Van Niekerk  +27 78 033 1766 email: sartjievanniekerk@gmail.com, Webpage Vomvivando

Ronel Strampe, 0833603072 e-mail:  hadeshua33@gmail.com, Website: www.hadeshua-stars.co.za

Cathy Terblanche, 0823269426, email cathy@cetara.co.za, Website:   www.cetara.co.za

Tzilla Yanai,  Cell  0837662124  E-mail  tzillayanai@yahoo.com   Webpage: Kinneret

Caroline van Deventer 082 569 7059 Email carogankennels@gmail.com, Website: www.carogankennels.co.za

Venesha Devnath   078 259 3517  email devnathvenesha@gmail.com, Webpage  Devnath

Lelanie Fourie    0824556840,   email:   vanzyl.lelanie@gmail.com,   Webpage:  Lezylrie

Juanine Kleynhans 0828595092 naudejkleynhans@gmail.com Webpage: Frenkleyn


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A fawn French Bulldog with a black face

About French bulldogs

He is a happy-natured dog and makes a good loyal companion. He will often snort when excited. 

Frenchies are born with short tails (sometimes almost no tail) they are not surgically docked.  

Colours: brindle, fawn, black with white markings, and pied (white with markings).

Weight: dogs 12.7kg, bitches 11 kg.

Height: 28 - 33 cms at shoulder.

How breeds of dogs developed.

The English bulldog has small, curled ears, but the French bulldog has large, bat ears. Which one has the better hearing, do you think?  Human ears are wonderfully constructed too, so that we can enjoy sound. If we listen intently, we can hear what we want to hear. We can "turn a deaf ear" to what we don't want to hear. If God exists, why can't we hear Him speak? Actually, He speaks to us all the time - through the immense wonder of the day and night sky, for example. But we don't want to hear, for that would mean turning from our self-centeredness. Jesus said, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear!" Mark chapter 4, verse 9


Pied White French bulldog with black markings.

KUSA, the Kennel Union of Southern Africa, upholds the standard for French Bulldogs in South Africa.

Frank the stud dog

Frenchie owned by L. Beaumont

British bulldog       American bulldog

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