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Breeder of French Bulldogs

Contact Tzilla Yanai

Cell  0837662124

E-mail   tzillayanai@yahoo.com


Breeder with armful of puppies



3 black French bulldog puppies


At Kinneret, we are deeply passionate about animals - Especially our dogs.


A winning show dog with his proud owner.


Alert French bulldog, ears pricked up

As an established and accomplished breeder, we ensure that all of our dogs are bred responsibly. It is this commitment to breeding excellence that has Kinneret as an established importer of breeding and show dogs from Europe, serving to promote outstanding bloodlines and pedigrees.

All our dogs are registered, and we comply strictly with the rules, regulations and ethics set out by KUSA. Our dogs are also accredited by the FCI as well as have all the health tests required, namely DM, HC, and hemivertabrae free certification. All puppies are sold with breeding restrictions.

Two fawn puppies with black muzzles

French Bulldogs are a breed that we personally enjoy, because they are known for being an affectionate companion dog, Frenchies are sweet and friendly little companions. They are often considered to be clownish lap dogs, that enjoy playing with and entertaining their family. Owners will find that they are fond of snoozing with and cuddling close to their favourite person. They have a smooth coat, short face and trademark "bat" ears. These little dogs are known commonly as "Frenchies", but don't let their small stature fool you every dog, no matter their size, needs a caring and informed owner. Please note, we are discerning and will only send our puppies to homes we believe are safe, happy and healthy enough for them to thrive and flourish in. Owning a puppy of any breed is something to be taken seriously, as dogs are a lifetime commitment. We provide outstanding care for our dogs and puppies, and expect no less from those who buy from us.


Two black French bulldog puppies playing with a stick

3 baby frenchies

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