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Breeder of German Shepherd Dogs


Contact Tzilla Yanai
Cell  0837662124
E-mail  tzillayanai@yahoo.com

Large dog getting a hug from the breeder


Champion German Shepherd Dog in the show ring


A proud owner hugging a german shepherd dog

At Kinneret, we are deeply passionate about animals - Especially our dogs.

As an established and accomplished breeder, we ensure that all of our dogs are bred responsibly. It is this commitment to breeding excellence that has Kinneret as an established importer of breeding and show dogs from Europe, serving to promote outstanding pedigrees.

All our dogs are registered, and we comply strictly with the rules, regulations and ethics set out by KUSA. Our dogs are also accredited by the FCI as well as have FCI hip and elbow certification, that allows owners of pedigreed German Shepherds to show their dogs worldwide.

Our German Shepherds are renowned for their outstanding achievements in various dog shows, as well as for their working abilities as guide dogs, search and rescue dogs, detection dogs, home protection dogs and most importantly healthy, balanced family dogs.

We sometimes have puppies for sale. Please contact us for more information on our current and upcoming litters.

Sweet German Shepherd puppy


A solid black, and a black and tan German Shepherd Dog


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