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 German Shepherd Dogs

The German Shepherd Dog, sometimes abbreviated to GSD, has a large build and intimidating appearance, which make it an excellent guard dog. The dog is loyal and protective of its owner. They can be aggressive towards other dogs, especially if the owner is present. They feel they must defend the owner from other dogs, and other people.  

German shepherd dog, dark coloured.

German Shepherd Puppies for Sale

German shepherd dog breeder with long and short hair dogs.

Two beautiful male GSD puppies available. Good family and protection dogs. Well socialized with other dogs, farm animals, and children. KUSA registered, microchip implanted, fully vaccinated and wormed. No breeding restrictions. Contact Elbie van Eeden. Cell: 0727816052.  Posted 05.12.2023

More German Shepherd Dog Breeders, who may have puppies for sale occasionally

Little German shepherd puppy


Hennie & M-J Fourie  083 7016899,  082 5570808  Email: info@carlzipca.co.za, Webpage: Carlzipca 

Annette Van Rensburg, telephone  0118041976, cell 0833751565, email: secdogs@mweb.co.za   Webpage: Marsabet 

Tzilla Yanai,  Cell  0837662124  E-mail  tzillayanai@yahoo.com   Webpage:  Kinneret  

Janie Coetzee 0824558041. Photos & info on our Webpage: Senen

Vic David  084 703 6196 germanshepherd@live.co.za    Webpage:    Astonberg 


A German shepherd guarding his ball

Before buying a puppy, remember that it takes time and commitment to keep the dog in shape. The coat benefits from regular brushing. When choosing a puppy, ask to see the parents' Hip Dysplasia certificates as this condition could be hereditary.

German Shepherds need a big garden for exercise, and enjoy long walks. Train the puppy to walk on a lead. Some dogs have a habit of "shepherding" their owners by circling round them constantly, and you don't want the lead wound round your legs! We can picture the GSD shepherding livestock, and protecting them against predators.

This breed has been favoured by the Police as their alertness and high intelligence makes them suitable for police work like sniffing for drugs, and chasing and attacking criminals. Do train your puppy from an early age. 

The back slopes downwards towards the tail.

The male German Shepherd Dog grows to 63 cm, and a female 58 cm at the shoulder. The colour is black and tan, or solid black.

In South Africa, Afrikaans folk sometimes call the breed, "Duitse Herders Hond."

Other folk call them "Alsatians" but this is not their real name. The breed is German Shepherd Dog, but during the 2nd World War in Britain they changed the name to Alsatian to avoid the problem about a dog being called after the Nazi regime. After the war the name tended to stick hence many to this day still call them Alsatians. (Or Alsations, to mis-spell it!)

White shepherds are called "White Swiss Shepherd Dogs." They are not white German Shepherd Dogs.

Black gsd from Marsabet kennels


A long haired German shepherd puppy

A dark coloured German Shepherd


A German shepherd will guard us from bodily harm, but who will guard our inmost thoughts and hearts?  - The Bible says, "The peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." 

Let's make peace with God today!

 Philippians chapter 4, verse 7

German shepherd puppy sticking its tongue out.


 True story about a German Shepherd that was stolen


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