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Breeder of 

Black, and Sable German Shepherd Dogs


Annette with an alert black german shepherd dog


Annette Van Rensburg



email: secdogs@mweb.co.za

A llitter of black gsd puppies

I was born and raised in Kenya, and Marsabit is a small volcanic forested mountain in the middle of the desert in northern Kenya. In the centre of the volcano is Lake Paradise. Marsabit was the home to largest and famous Elephant – Ahmed. (See Marsabit National Park guide)

As a child we always had German Shepherds as my father worked for the Kenya police Dog section. We were as a family involved with the East African German Shepherd League and dog shows.   My parents imported a bitch from Denmark, Tessa, and she we had one litter from her.  Previously to leaving Kenya I Bought a puppy from Loris Valles,  Av Valoris …. Natja, and I brought her to South Africa with me in 1980 she was 6 months old. I trained and competed in breed, obedience and working trials with Natja.  My father was a judge for working tests, obedience and gundog trials.

I fell in love with Black German Shepherds in South Africa and one of my litters with Natja we kept a bi colour. My first pure black bitch was Noela who was a wondererful old fashioned straight back German shepherd dog, big, and an excellent natural family protector.

I bought my foundation bitch, Eyscha vom Ruhm,  she was HD00 from Robin Thompson.  she was from imported working lines parents her dam, Caya vom haus Kalbach and sire Xabau vom haus Harrock.

I imported my foundation black stud dog imported from USA  Adam vom Alpensee in 2000. He was HD00. He was a wonderful big boned, big head and a wonderful family dog.   He was from the top European working lines. 

Adam and Eyschas daughters and granddaughters were bred to top Imported dogs lines  like Hikko vom Leineholz  hd00  and Figo vom Taja HD A+

All breeding dogs have elbows and Hips x-rayed and are dna certified.  We are breeding family companions,  protectors and suitable for training to a high standard.

Our dogs are long lived and healthy. All German Shepherds need to attend puppy training classes as this is how we are able to communicate with them. German Shepherds are devoted to their owners, and  need a lot of human contact and we recommend that they are indoor dogs, so they become easy to train and live with. Dogs that live outside have little human contact/interaction and become wild and boisterous and can be come uncontrollable. They are great with children and love to play and retrieve with children. Please don’t leave small children alone with your puppy or dog as small children can accidentally hurt them. If you are looking for an active, intelligent dog, easy to train,  family protector and the best  family companion, a German shepherd is the dog for you.

Black germans shepherd dogs


The legals

Our puppies are KUSA registered, vaccinated and dewormed,   Breeding restrictions, sold with contract. Microchip implanted in every puppy before it goes to its new home. The buyer will get a KUSA certificate of registration.

A sable puppy

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