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White Swiss Shepherd Dogs


The white Swiss shepherd dog is not a white Alsatian, nor a white German shepherd dog. It is a separate breed, although the German shepherd is a forerunner of the White Swiss. German shepherds (formerly called Alsatians) originated in Germany, but the white Swiss Shepherd dog was developed in neighbouring Switzerland & USA.

The white gene may have come from a sheepdog, way back in the ancestry. German shepherd breeders liked the black & tan dogs, rejecting any white pups among the litter, but fanciers of the whites started to breed them & the white dogs became a separate breed in nearby Switzerland. They have been called Berger Blanc Suisse (French)

The coat can be long or shortish.

How the different breeds of dogs developed


White Swiss Shepherds

WHite swiss shepherd dog sitting on a rock

Mistyknights Jackpot Java (Blondie)

(short haired)


White Swiss shepherd dog standing on a rock 

White Knight La-Riche Munee (Putin)


We can picture the White Swiss Shepherd at work, rounding up the farm animals and leading them to and from the pastures. King David of Israel said, "God is my shepherd! I will want for nothing. He leads me to pasture and water." Psalm 23


two White Swiss Shepherds

Left: Ch. African Ice Beau Jangles and Ch. Mandy vom Sutumer-Grund of African Ice, South Africa

White Swiss Shepherd puppies. 

Puppies trying to chew the fence


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