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Long haired dachshund

This breed was developed in Germany. The long hair may have come from crossing a smooth hair with an Irish setter or spaniel.

The long haired dachshund is the same as the smooth (short) haired dog, except that the hair is longer and silky, especially on the ears.

A little brushing now and then, keeps the hair tidy and free from matting. If the ears should dangle in wet food, they are easily cleaned with a wet cloth.

 Miniature Long-Haired Dachshund Breeders


Maryke Brown  0829314077, e-mail: paws@redamancydachshunds.co.za   Webpage: Redamancy

Ronel Strampe, 0833603072 e-mail:  hadeshua33@gmail.com, Website: Hadeshua

Anke de Kock 063 744 5707 E-mail: ankedekock33@gmail.com, Webpage: Merwanke

Ingrid Linnekugel 079 234 1410 or ingridl@savp.co.za. Website www.zabush.co.za

Barbara Brown 082 255 1635  email:    barbarabrown@telkomsa.net,  Webpage:   Simaxdal

About dachshunds

Small as they are, they can be as good a burglar alarm as any dog. If kept in the house they are likely to bark if a stranger comes near. Like many small dogs, they can be bossy towards humans and other pets, so early puppy training and socialisation is advised.

Dachshunds are not a good choice for children's pets. They are small and vulnerable. The long spine is prone to back trouble, and the dogs mustn't be dropped. Jumping off beds and going up and down stairs is also to be discouraged.

They can live indoors, or outdoors in a kennel. In the South African hot weather, they soon find shade and sometimes dig a hole in a favourite spot to keep cool.


Chocolate brown Long haired dachshund

Two small dogs craining their necks to look at their owner's face

Dappled long haired dachshund puppy

A  cream long haired dachshund

The above photos are supplied by Hadeshua.

A small dog can fit in with any household - they accept their lot in life. (Like Paul, who said, "I have learned whatever state I'm in, therewith to be content.")  Philipians 4,  11

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