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Breeders of Dobermanns


Contact Anton van Greuning

Cell : 0726056102

E-mail: antonvgreuning@yahoo.com

Anton holding a sleepy puppy


My wife grew up with Dobermanís since 1985. I was introduced to the breed when we met in 2005. This breed is one of the most intelligent breeds. They train very easily and are always willing to please and learn. They are very energetic and love to play, yet they will protect their property and family to the last drop. The Dobermann loves to be with his family and always sticks close to you. The breed is a true companion and lifelong best friend to the whole family.

A Dobermann with the breeder

Dobermann puppy cuddling his mother's neck


Our Dobes not only have their hips tested for Hip Displaysia, but also for DCM (pdk04) (RBM20) (Tintin) and vWD disease. Planned litters sometimes available to approved homes.

Dobermann sittiing on the grass

The kennel name, "Sudobeza" is registered with KUSA.

Sud = South

Dobe = Dobermann

ZA = Zuid Afrika

We register our puppies with KUSA and the buyer gets a KUSA certificate. We may apply breeding restrictions. A microchip is implanted in every puppy before it leaves us.

Two dobermanns

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