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Dogs - Yorkshire Terrier 

Yorkshire terrier puppies are cute, and they know it!


A breed that is akin to a Yorkie is the Biewer terrier, but its a separate breed with different colouring.



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About Yorkshire Terriers - a spunky breed of dog

The Yorkshire terrier is a tiny, longhaired dog. It is not really a terrier, but a "toy" dog.  They are often called, "Yorky" or "Yorkies" for short.

Yorkshire Terriers were bred in the Yorkshire district of England to keep rats at bay in the mills and mines in the mid 19th Century. Rat-killing contests sometimes took place as a form of sport. The original terriers were strong dogs, but the tendency now is to breed miniatures. The ferocious courage of the dog still comes to the fore occasionally when he barks at burglars or other dogs. 

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The Yorkshire Terrier is a breed that has been redeemed. They've been taken out of the dark, dirty coal mines where they were kept as rat-killers. Now they are much-loved pets! From mine to mansion!

God wants to wash the dirt off you and me! He has prepared a mansion for us! A lot of folk will never see their mansion because they'd rather stay down in the coal mine where it's dark. To quote from the Bible, "Men love darkness instead of light because their deeds are evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives truthfully comes into the light!" 

John chapter 3 verse 19 - 21

On the whole, Yorkshire Terriers are affectionate and make an ideal house pet. They prefer adults to children and make good pets for the elderly. It's a good pet for a small garden, but they can climb & jump fences.

The Yorkie has beautiful, long, shiny, straight, silky hair which needs daily brushing. They look cute if the hair is tied up with a hair clip to keep it out of their eyes. Their colour is steel blue and tan. Steel blue is a dark colour - not silver. Some Yorkshire terrier breeders in South Africa are breeding chocolate Yorkshire terriers. These dogs are brown instead of blue. At the time of writing (2011) because they differ from the colours stipulated in the breed standard, chocolate Yorkies are not eligible as show dogs. They are bred as pets.

Class: toy

Weight: a normal adult Yorkshire terrier weighs around 3 kgs but some Yorkshire terrier breeders are producing miniature Yorkshire terriers, teacup Yorkies, and pocket size yorkies, which can be as small as 600 g at one year old. Teacup puppies really do fit in a teacup, but sometimes it's not a mini Yorkie at all, but the runt of a litter who grows to full size and no longer fits in a teacup.

Dogs & Children

Children must be supervised when playing with dogs & puppies. A toddler may see a miniature Yorkshire terrier as a toy. Dogs should not be carried around like dolls. It's not advisable to tell a child it's "their" dog, as a child does not have the ability to feed, groom, and care for a Yorkshire terrier, or to pay vets' bills. The parent is the Pack Leader in the house.


Yorkshire terrier looks enquiringly at camera

THis Yorkie has hair clips to keep hair out of eyes.

Yorkshire terriers Halo, Sassey, and Gus belong to Toinette Jansen van der Merwe South Africa. Sassy won "Best Puppy" and "Best of Breed" at the Victory Toy Club.

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