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English Fox Terrier,

 smooth coat

There are three types of fox terrier- the smooth coat, the toy, and the wire-haired coat. The terrier that is sometimes called "English" has a short, smooth coat. The dogs were used in England for hunting fox. Fox fur was used for clothing. English ladies wore stoles made of fox fur, with the long bushy tail making a warm scarf to wear round the neck in the cold English winters. Fox hunting is still carried on in England today but the wearing of fur is frowned on.


Smooth fox terrier, white coat with black neck & head.


 Owner D. Thompson


4 fox terrier puppies

Fox terrier puppies


Because the dogs were bred to be aggressive towards fox, they can be aggressive towards other animals, including other dogs. They should not be allowed to roam free in case they worry other animals. They love humans and make loyal pets. They are energetic and love going for walks with their owners.

Colour: predominately white with either tan markings or black and tan markings. The markings on the black and tan are similar to the Dobermann or Rottweiler.

The neck is long and elegant. The snout is narrow. Ears fold forward.

Before you buy a fox terrier puppy, remember they are a hardy breed and may live a good 15 years or more. Buying a puppy is a life-long commitment.

Dog food: Puppies should be fed on small breed puppy pellets for at least the first 6 months. 

Young fox terrier, black and white

Constellation at Christeldistee at 7 months. Owner T. Thoss.


Smooth coat English fox terrier puppy

White fox terrier puppy with tan markings

Fox terriers take around two years to mature, so they stay young & trainable and enjoy the attention that training sessions provide. But patience & self-control is needed when training a puppy. "In patience possess your souls." Luke 21, 19

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