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 KUSA registered dog breeders

Breeds C - D 

Are you thinking of buying a puppy? It's a 15 year commitment! "First seek the counsel of the Lord God."  Kings 22, 5
Cairn Terrier

* Malonowa *

2 cairn terrier puppies on a chair
Cattle dog see Australian cattle dog  
Cavalier King Charles spaniel.

* Avantgarde *   

* Careliah

spaniel puppy

* Browdeen *

Twin chow puppies
Cocker spaniel.

* Dervely *

Cocker spaniel puppy
Dachshund (sausage dog, daxie).

Smoothhaired dachshund

* Conkasha *

* Redamancy *

* Yorma *

Wirehaired dachshund

* Zabush *

Longhaired dachshund

* Hadeshua *

* Merwanke *

* Redamancy *

brown dashund puppy with soft skin




* AltydLente *

* Sudobeza *

Dobermann puppy with ribbon around his neck
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