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KUSA Registered Dog Breeders

 Breeds - S 

Saint Bernard


Schnauzer, See  

miniature schnauzer

Two black standard schnauzer puppies

Scottish terrier Breeders. 


* MacDup *

Waaiplaas *

* Wildspirit * 


Black Scottish terrier puppy
Shar-pei  Rolly polly sharpei puppies
Siberian husky

* Belukha *

* ColdChain *      

Puppy's face with wistful expression
Smooth fox terrier - see  *Fox terrier* (smooth haired).  

* Bassefied *

Spinoni have shaggy, lovable faces
Springer Spaniel (English and Welsh).

* Gelukshoop *

* Wildspirit *

Other Spaniel Breeders: See Cavalier King Charles spaniel  

and Cocker Spaniel

black and white spaniel puppy
Staffordshire bull terrier (staffie) Breeders

* Robtonia *

* Sharrazar *

* Shankly *

* Stapphire

Tan and white staffy puppy
Standard schnauzer   standard schnauzer puppies
Swiss Shepherd Dog white.swiss.puppies
Even small breeds can act ferocious! We can copy their bravery. "Stand firm in the faith; be men of courage! Be strong." 1 Corinthians 15 , 14 

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