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KUSA Registered Dog Breeders

 Breeds - S 

Saint Bernard


Schnauzer, See  

miniature schnauzer

Two black standard schnauzer puppies

Scottish terrier Breeders.  

* MacDup *

* Waaiplaas *

* Wildspirit * 

Black Scottish terrier puppy
Setter, Irish (red)

See Irish setter

Mummy dog & babies
Shar-pei  Rolly polly sharpei puppies
Siberian husky

* Belukha *

* ColdChain *   

Puppy's face with wistful expression
Smooth fox terrier - see  *Fox terrier* (smooth haired).  

* Bassefied *

Spinoni have shaggy, lovable faces
Springer Spaniel (English and Welsh).

* Wildspirit *

Other Spaniel Breeders: See Cavalier King Charles spaniel  

and Cocker Spaniel

black and white spaniel puppy
Staffordshire bull terrier (staffie) Breeders

* Reluka *

* Robtonia *

* Sharrazar *

* Shankly *

Tan and white staffy puppy
Standard schnauzer   standard schnauzer puppies
Swiss Shepherd Dog white.swiss.puppies
Even small breeds can act ferocious! We can copy their bravery. "Stand firm in the faith; be men of courage! Be strong." 1 Corinthians 15 , 14 

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