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Welcome to Pets' Place where you find REGISTERED dogs & puppies in South Africa


Here you'll find most breeds of dogs. We list KUSA registered breeds & encourage high ethical breeding standards.


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How to announce a litter

 You email the words to me, Eileen, and I upload it to the page about the breed. Enquiries welcome, guidance given!

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These are some of the most popular breeds in South Africa.


A Staffordshire bull terrier showing his teeth

Staffordshire bull terrier (staffie)


Fluffy, white toy pom

Pomeranian (toy pom)


Well-groomed mini schnauzer

Miniature schnauzer


Dachshunds are easy to lift but watch the long spine doesn't get injured!

Dachshund (sausage dog)



Fawn French bulldog with black muzzle

French bulldog



Beagle puppy



yellow labrador puppy



Bulldog refusing to face the camera



Rottweilers have large, formidable heads.



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The voice of the Lord makes the buck to calve. (or any animal to give birth) Psalm 29, 9  No breeder has puppies available every day of the week. We wait till God blesses us with a litter, and we thank Him.

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